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The Casa
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Nestling in the foothills of the Western Ghats, surrounded by forest and jungle, lies an imaginatively restored Indo-Portuguese mansion house dating back more than a hundred and fifty years – Casa Susegad. It is a world, if not miles, away from the normal tourist accommodation of Goa – set in over an acre of grounds and with three huge reception rooms, artistically decorated, for guests, the property offers only five bedrooms.
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Susegad Experiences
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The word ‘susegad‘ has many meanings in Konkani (the language of Goa) - being laid back, peaceful and satisfied, contented with life or simply just lying back and observing the play of the palm fronds against a perfect blue sky. The Casa has been designed to offer you the opportunity to find your own meaning for the word, at your own pace, in your own way. It is an oasis of easygoing, stylish indulgence; an escape from the excesses of mass tourism.
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Rooms and Rates
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Casa Susegad has five guest bedrooms, three sealed with air-conditioning, and two larger traditional rooms open to the rafters with large ceiling fans for natural ventilation. The families of old in this property slept in small bedrooms connected by only curtains to the main house on one side and the inner courtyard on the other. Our three AC rooms – Carnelian, Turquoise and Rose – were constructed by adapting these.
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Speciality Stays
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With only five bedrooms but ample indoor and outdoor space, Casa Susegad makes a wonderful venue for private, catered, parties. It is also ideal for team building events, small company conferences, yoga retreats and reunions. It is the one time you can forget being elegantly Idle! Casa Susegad can feed up to 80 people at one sitting around the pool. At the other extreme, it is ideal for just two newly-weds wanting somewhere very special indeed!
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Eating and Drinking
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It is Casa Susegad's intention that the food you eat during your stay will be one of your holiday highlights. Coupled with a well stocked bar, the best of Indian wines and an ever-growing cocktail menu, your taste buds are in for a treat. Perhaps an authentic Goan Pork Vindalho (a perfect balance of hot sweet and sour - one of the kitchen's signature dishes, taking a day to marinate in freshly ground spices and then cooked over wood). View the full page

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Casa Susegad recognises that many people, often planning their first trip to India, have a lot of questions! You can get in contact by phone, web form and phone, peruse newspaper and website reviews, read/view magazine articles and broadcast pieces on Casa Susegad, find out about visas and other FAQs, find the Casa with maps and directions and check out our Terms of Trade, Website Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.
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