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DOGS - Blondie

Blondie found us the first morning we stayed over at the house, on 1st January 2006. She was about four months old, wild, skinny, hungry and afraid. Hunger won, and she took a sandwich from us. After that, each day we visited the house she was there waiting for us. After checking around the village to confirm that she was a 'stray' and had no home, we bought her a collar.

She took this accolade very seriously and began to patrol our boundary wall every morning and evening, greeting us most enthusiastically on our daily arrival at the house. She is the Alpha female and has become a great asset to the Susegad family.

DOGS - Basil

Shortly after Blondie's arrival, our gardener moved in to begin landscaping work. He brought with him 2 pups that were only four or five weeks old. After giving them a good diet and food supplements, Lisa responded well but Basil, at three months of age, was suddenly failing fast.

Our vet, Kiran, conducted tests to confirm a major protein and calcium deficiency and the prognosis was not good. However, after two months of twice weekly drips, daily tablets and a high protein diet, Basil pulled through and is now the 'character' of the pack.

basil cools his tail