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DOGS - Lisa

Lisa was a problem pup, and a real bully - not responding at all well to the advent of Coco and Ginny in April, attacking and beating them up almost daily.

She was destined for re-homing when, out of the blue, she had a complete change of heart and suddenly became Coco and Ginny's best friend. She has settled down and has become one of the most affectionate dogs, and we are glad that we persevered with her.

DOGS - Coco

Ah - Coco! We first came across her when she was little over a month old. She was in a dreadful state. We thought she was too far gone to pull through but Blanche, a GAWT trustee, took one look at Coco and decided that her special brand of intensive care might just give her a chance.

After nearly six months and a lot of veterinary intervention, Coco joined us in April 2006, she is a very timid but much loved member of the Susegad family, enjoying the open spaces, good food and even takes part in the playful rough and tumble with the other dogs on occasion.