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DOGS - Ginny

Blanche fosters a number of endangered pups, and while Coco was with her she was paired with Ginny, who was the same age, so that she would have company.

They became best friends and, of course, we couldn't take Coco without her buddy!! Ginny is a fluffy, girlie dog and is very pretty and sweet natured. Whenever she is approached, she drops into a submissive roll, and loves to have her tummy tickled. She and Coco still spend most of their time together.

DOGS - Missy

Missy was dumped in the garden of Charmian, another GAWT trustee in January 2006. As we were living at Charmian's house at the time we got to know this little madam pretty well.

Although only about five weeks of age, she was completely unfazed by the size of Charmian's own dogs and quickly asserted herself as a most intelligent and mischievous pup, traits she continues to this day.

She is now well integrated within the pack at Casa Susegad and spends most of her time with our cook, Joanita, her husband John and their young son Joe, whose side she rarely leaves.

Ginny relaxing