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CATS - Zac and Daz

One day toward the end of October 2005, as we were leaving Charmian's house for a cycle ride, we heard a loud mewing from the bushes by the gate. Investigation revealed two very tiny kittens. Abandoning our cycle ride, we set about catching them - enter Zac and Daz.

They were named for the only Prozac and Diazepam we thought we'd ever need for the rest of our lives - long before we fully understood Goan/Indian administration! They were raised by hand, by us in our bathroom and bedroom at Charmian's house.

They moved to Casa Susgad with us in March the following year and have given us hours of fun with their antics from the very beginning. They love the big open spaces and always arrive outside the kitchen in time to 'help' with tidying up after the daily fish is cleaned.

CATS - Peaches - oops! Thomas

In October 2006, Carole was turning the car around near Casa Susegad, when she saw a kitten dart from the bushes and under the car. Getting out to investigate, she found the kitten sitting immediately behind the front wheel, waiting for her to reverse! Checking with children playing nearby, she was told the kitten had been thrown away as she is "only female". What was a girl to do?

Enter kittie number three. She was very tiny and dirty, but was clearly peaches and cream colour, so we named her "Peaches". Basil became completely fixated with her and followed her everywhere, trying to clean her and pick her up. In spite of his attentions she survived. A few obvious physical changes proved her to be "only male", occasioning her name change to Thomas after a brief spell as "Nutpuss", (later changed to "Nutless", but that's another story…). Thomas now hardly ever leaves the kitchen environs and is often referred to as "Fat Thomas" in honour of his insatiable appetite.