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CATS - Gizmo or Gizzi

A few weeks after the arrival of Thomas, whilst we were still in Kitten Rearing mode, we met Gizzi whilst having dinner with another GAWT foster carer, Wendy. She was only about four weeks old and the prettiest kitten with caramel and black markings on white fur. Her face and ears formed three perfect triangles, and Gizmo seemed to suit her immediately.

Quite what we were doing by naming her only Wendy knew - she saw us 'bond' and then quietly mentioned that she needed to home her as soon as possible, as she had a lot of other kittens at the time.

Well, we didn't have to think for too long and the following week we brought her home! Gizzi gave Thomas a bit of a respite, as Basil turned his attentions to the newest arrival, but she survived his ministrations with Thomas's support and continues to be a very endearing and pretty little puss.

She has a bit of a thing about ears, and likes to nibble and chew on them - we are assured that she will grow out of this any day now.

CATS - Pickle & Tiggy

Found dumped in the roadside, a day apart, in July 2009 when they were each 4-5 weeks old! Great mates who are constantly looking for more trouble to get into - especially Pickle who is a little madam!

tiggy & pickle