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Dental and Medical Treatments

Dental and medical care in Goa is absolutely first class; our medical and dental "tourists" to date have all been surprised to find treatment and care of a much higher standard than they have experienced in their home countries, and at a fraction of the cost.

In the field of dental care you can "enjoy" anything from a clean and polish to a variety of tooth whitening procedures and everything from a simple filling to dental implants. The surgery we recommend is a husband and wife team, Rahul and Supriya Wagle at Dental Affairs in near-bye Margao. See their web site at

Our medical facility of choice is the Apollo Victor Hospital, also in Margao. This is a very well equipped hospital with everything from mammography facilities to its own MRI suite. They also have a specialist joint replacement centre and offer a range of cosmetic treatments. They offer full health check screening at very impressive rates and this can turn out to be a day out of your holiday very well spent. For more information please see their web site at

Walking Tall, run by Alison & Martin Bale specialises in Chiropractic and the Bowen Technique. Alison offers low-force chiropractic adjustments, to promote symptom relief and self healing. Most people consult here for back and neck pain, headaches and dizzyness. The Bowen Technique was developed by Australian Tom Bowen in the 1950s to 80s, then by Oswald Rentsch, who still teaches and practises today. It is a non-intrusive, gentle and effective hands-on therapy, aimed at promoting healing and pain relief. The technique addresses the musculoskeletal framework, fascia and nerves.
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We are happy to organise your transport for all appointments and work with you and your practitioner to make sure all post procedure care is as it ought to be, including special diets, rest and exercise regimes, follow ups etc.

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