Casa Susegad has five guest bedrooms, three sealed with air-conditioning, and two larger traditional rooms open to the rafters with large ceiling fans for natural ventilation.

The families of old in this property slept in small bedrooms connected by only curtains to the main house on one side and the inner courtyard on the other. Cross breezes under the main roof kept them cool. Our three AC rooms – Carnelian, Turquoise and Rose – were constructed by adapting five such bedrooms, taking the opportunity to seal them to make them suitable for air-conditioning. They now open only onto the terrace, catching the morning sunshine rising in the East over the jungle-clad hillock.

The larger Host’s Suite and Sunshine Room are in the North and South wings of the Casa and afford guests the opportunity to experience the fan-assisted breezes within thick walls in these grand rooms of bygone days.

Every large bed comes with a deep sprung mattress and affords sumptuous comfort in rooms that blend original Portuguese clay tiles with bright fabrics and eclectic Indian furniture. Facilities are completed by modern wet rooms fed by solar-heated water.

If you wish to enquire about a room, please take a look through the five very individual bedrooms Casa Susegad offers and fill in the booking form on your favourite room page. If you have no exact preference, then please feel free to contact the Casa from any of these pages, but make a note as to your thoughts. Alternatively, send a message from the Talk to the Casa page.

For your convenience, you may wish to download the complete Casa Susegad rate sheet (A4 PDF) for 2015-16.

Room schematic
Room schematic

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