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Things to do: 3

  • Walking around Loutolim is a very pleasant way to see, and interact with, the village. Loutolim is a very friendly, welcoming place with many magnificent Indo-Portuguese houses tucked away down the prettiest of country lanes. The village is spread out over many square kilometres and has a population of about 35,000.

    There are a number of points where one can enjoy the views of rolling jungle clad hills stretching for miles into the distance. You will be quite likely to encounter long tailed langurs in the nearby trees and many, many wonderful birds that you will be sure to hear, if not see! Please ask for our local walking maps or just follow your nose and explore.

    One note of warning - if there is still a lot of undergrowth, (from July to November) some of the narrower paths may be best avoided if you are afraid of snakes - although stomping and heavily set down walking sticks will usually help avoid any unwanted encounters.
  • Local Heritage Houses - A few of the more important Heritage Houses allow visitors. Palacio do Deao in Quepem, the Braganza House in Chandor and the Figuerda Mansion here in Loutolim are our favourites.
  • Visit with a local artist, 'Conversations', in Loutolim and spend a day (or two) learning how to work in coconut shell and wood, enhancing your pottery skills or enjoying any one of many other 'hands on' experiences.
  • Take a day out with Peter, one of our staff, to go fishing in his (nearby) village, Isla de Rachol, on the Zuari River. We can't guarantee your catch, but we can promise you a very special day.

palacio do deao
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