Buy and Employ Local

Casa Susegad uses village traders for most of its food so that much of your money goes into its neighbours’ pockets rather than a faceless remote company. Most of the staff come from Loutolim and other nearby villages, but staff from other places in India reside at the Casa as complete families and the Casa resists employing resident staff who are separated from their families.

Drinking Water

Casa Susegad tries to discourage the purchase of drinking water in plastic bottles. As a direct alternative, filtered and cooled drinking water is provided free of charge and pure ice is also always available to our guests.

Drinking water is a filtered blend of the Casa’s own well water and ‘government water’. The well water is often tested and has been certified as clean and pollutant free. Piped government water supplements the well supply as necessary and the blend is passed through a commercially maintained filter for all of our drinking and cooking needs. All salads and other uncooked food stuffs are thoroughly washed in filtered water.

Hot Water

Well water is also pumped to the header tanks at the topmost terrace at the rear of the property so that it gives great water pressure to all the Casa’s bathrooms. Hot water reaches your wet-room via solar-panel heated tanks in three separate supplies.

Depending on the distance the water has to travel, you may have to wait up to a minute or so for the hot water to reach you (but be reassured that the water that is going straight down the drain while you wait is all collected for re-use). Many people enjoy a refreshing cool shower anyway when they are hot and bothered!.

Waste Water

All ‘grey’ water from showers and sinks is collected in underground tanks and used to water our gardens – Casa Susegad aims to waste as little precious water as possible! The Casa also has two newly constructed septic tanks for the collection of all foul water.


Disposal of household waste is a perennial problem in Goa. The Casa disposes of all of its own waste through a recycling station which has been installed on the property, and which the neighbours are invited to share. Biodegradable waste is used for either feeding neighbour’s pigs or Casa Susegad’s own compost.


Power outages do happen from time to time in Loutolim although, as it now has underground electricity cabling to each property, power cuts are now much more infrequent. Casa Susegad offers a guaranteed power supply, though, through its own ‘Silent’ generator.

Loutolim market
Loutolim market
Natural waste recycling
Natural waste recycling

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