Casa Susegad offers so much in the way of taking exercise and/or pleasure by means of walking. At its simplest, this could entail a short trip or two up the steps to the Sunset Terrace and around the Jungle Garden.

Outside the Casa’s gates though, lies another world. Thanks to the wonders of GPS and our near-resident Techie Colin Perry, Loutolim has been accurately and comprehensively scaled and mapped. Every room has an A4 walking map with interesting and useful landmarks for you to take with you in forays around the village, without too much fear of getting lost.

One popular walk is to stroll to the Figueiredo mansion – If Doña Maria de Lourdes de Figueiredo e Albuquerque is receiving guests then the staff will do their best to arrange for you to visit this 400 year old, historic and opulent, mansion where she will introduce you to both this venerable building and her fascinating life.

An alternative, leads you past the side of the late great Indian Cartoonist, Mario de Miranda’s ancestral home. Even older and two storied, this house was built for civic duties as well as social and family life and it is reached by means of a picturesque ‘jungle’ path. Take a stout stick with you to give yourself added confidence!

Walking tours further afield can be planned as part of days out and the Susegad team will help you to find and plan the perfect beach walk, shopping expedition, waterfall trek or off-the-beaten-track bar ‘research’.

Loutolim Map
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Loutolim Walking Map (A4 PDF)
Figueiredo Mansion
The Figueiredo Mansion

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