Casa Susegad offers abundant peace and tranquility, where guests can relax, recover and restore their spirits. Should you want to move further afield, its staff will help you to plan excursions to enjoy more of beautiful Goa. Loutolim is situated in the heart of Goa and offers the perfect starting point to explore the whole State.

On Foot

The Casa is set amongst the trees on the periphery of the village with no through traffic to disturb the serenity of its setting.

For those wishing to walk out from the Casa, there is a local village map and/or a special guided sunrise walk in the adjacent jungle forest to ready guests for a wholesome breakfast.

Loutolim has many beautiful houses to see as well as a fine church and a local temple. These are best seen on foot and the quiet tree canopied lanes seem created to enhance these pleasant strolls where you will gain an insight into the ways of rural village life. Visit the local mill where the Casa cold presses its own coconuts to make coconut oil or stop by the bakery that makes the Casa’s bread every day. Particularly vibrant is the bustling Saturday morning market where fresh spices at local rates are a particular bargain.

Beyond Loutolim

Colva, Majorda and Benaulim beaches are around 20 minutes away by village taxi. With the new bridges and super highway through Goa nearing completion, destinations in both the far north and far south of the State will be easily accessible from the villa.

One of the trips most favoured by the Casa’s guests is the three hour journey through the hinterland and mountains. Here you get to take in the wetlands, the padi fields, the cashew forest and, from July to January, the rivers and waterfalls, ending up at one of the world’s favourite beaches, Palolem, in time for a very special sea food lunch on the beach. The more direct drive home again is only just over an hour.

Margao, Goa’s commercial centre, is just fifteen minutes away and visits to the various markets and the historic town centre area are a must do to experience the local way of life. An early morning visit to select your own fish for dinner is also recommended.

The temples and spice farms of Ponda are only 20 minutes from Casa Susegad and trips are easily arranged.

The Churches and Se Cathedral of Old Goa can be reached in just 40 minutes and undertaken either as a one-off trip or as part of your journey to Fontainhas and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception church in Panjim

Whether shopping locally or further afield, the Casa team will be happy to share the latest hot tips with you, and even introduce you to the very best tailor (subject to her available time) and jeweller.

Further Afield

Goa is a great central point for exploring more of India. With places like Hampi, Coastal Karnataka and Kerala and Mumbai all easily reached by train it can be quite an adventure moving on. Whilst air travel can be organised quite late in the day (sometimes at a premium rate, if very late) train travel has to be planned some months in advance. Casa Susegad are pleased to recommend Neha Tours and Travels as their agent of choice in Goa for onward travel.

Making your Holiday Pay

Dental Affairs are recommended by Casa Susegad as Doctor Rahul Wagle has tended to your hosts for many years now. Norman is very proud of his implants and Carole no longer needs sedating to sit in a dentist’s chair. Many guests have managed to ‘pay’ for their vacations out of the savings made on extensive, world class dentistry. Let the Casa put you in touch with Dr Rahul before you travel to explore your options and charges.

Hospitals are of a very high standard in Goa and guests have had numerous procedures here, either for reasons of expediency or expense. Again the savings are remarkable over the costs in Europe and the United States, particularly for a wide range of cosmetic procedures. Casa Susegad will be pleased to point you in the right direction and to look after your domestic needs, both before and after procedures.

With everything from mens’ suits to stunning dress copies available, Casa Susegad will be pleased to help you find the right fabrics and the right person for the job.

Reworking old gold and silver is a very exciting way to both acquire a unique piece of jewellery and to save a small fortune doing it. One of the owners’ oldest, and most trusted, friends also happens to be a highly renowned gem dealer, with connections to many artisanal jewellers for a variety of hand made styles. Probably Carole’s favourite arena for guest support!